Technology Services


MAF’s purpose is to show God’s love through aviation and other technology. The vital need for an aviation service is clear but what about Technology?

Simply put, Technology Services include activities, which support the use of technology in ministry. This means that when a MAF staff member helps someone load the Bible onto their mobile phone, repairs the church computer, sets up a network, consults and supports the use of technology in ministry they are providing an extension towards the purpose of MAF.

During the past four years MAF Arnhem Land for example has had a part time staff member specifically dedicated to helping support the use of technology in the Arnhem Land program. An example of the type of work that has been done is the way that MAF has been able produce MicroSD cards for mobile phones, containing countless amounts of resources.

Another way is the assisting of the Elcho Island Translation Centre. Every so often members of the team have contacted the MAF Technology Services team based at the Ministry Centre at Gove Airport and asked for assistance. In these situations either the computers have needed some attention, the website needs some tweaking or there are questions about the latest software.

“It’s great to see that MAF staff are able to help the local people with sharing the gospel through means of technology. We are more than happy to do the necessary research and testing for the greater cause.” MAF Arnhem Land

All throughout the MAF International world there is a team of Technology Support personnel who are seeking to provide assistance and support where it is most needed.

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